Circuit & PCB Design

What we offer

We can design and build a completed circuit that fulfills your needs, while offering exceptional performance

We use PADS Professional Flow VX2.7 for schematic work and layout.

We have the ability to transform multiple formats to Gerber data.

We can work with suppliers to replace obsolete parts or design a modification.

Different specialties among our engineers like GPS, Bluetooth, and radio.

We have standard and customized designs with great turn around time. If your documentation is old, outdated or is non-existent we can help fix that. We have experience in updates and building boards that are no longer on the market. Customers will also receive a BOM, Gerber files, drawing and assembly drawing. Our capabilities can be tailored to suit a one time project or repeated order to ship products. We pride ourselves on our diverse knowledge of PCB’s and our ability to keep up with emerging customer trends. If we are reverse engineering we only need a schematics, BOM and sample board.

Why choose us?

We’re dedicated to giving you the best service

We’re dedicated to giving you the best service possible by keeping our solutions efficient and effective. We offer a wide variety of solutions from prototype, final production or full box needs. Contact us today by filling out our quote request or email your requirements to

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